It seems fitting for the first collab to be with the girl who pushed me to make this blog in the first place. This is Shanna- one of my dearest pals, and super cool foodie @hey_pesto on Instagram. 

About Shanna.

Describe yourself in 25 words or less…
I would say I'm creative, insightful, kind, loving, sometimes nervous, forgiving, worrying and a dreamer.
In ten years I want to be…
A designer of some kind, living in a nice house near the beach, with a puppy or 2 and most importantly happy.
Favourite recipe…
Out of all the things I've made, my personal and the crowd favourite would be the hazelnut caramel slice.
I am inspired by…
My friends and boyfriend, social media- especially Tumblr and Instagram, music (Ben Howard, Lewis Watson and Ed Sheeran to name a few), dogs (!!!), Frankie magazine and the ocean.

Alannah, a friend I’ve known since my first day of school, and I have weekly dinners with Shanna. Between Alannah being gluten and sugar free, Shanna being a type one diabetic, not eating grains and dairy, and my being vegan, it serves for some difficult, but always adventurous and delicious meals.

For a girl two years younger than Alannah and I, she holds enough inspiration, guidance and wisdom for someone much older than us. Shanna always encourages us to pursue any of our dreams- no matter how outrageous they are. And no surprise, with her kitchen capabilities, she always pushes us to let loose with ingredients. Regardless of the disasters that ensue.

Last week, with Shanna’s help and guidance, we made strawberry jam inspired by Ella. Seriously easy and delicious.

No doubt there will be many, many more collaborations with this lady in the future.

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