I like a lot of things in life- but quite regularly breakfast trumps all. It’s a known fact that at any hour I am thinking about the next opportunity to eat breakfast. If I’m home alone and there is no one to tell me off for not getting my serve of vegetables that meal, I’m heading straight to the bottom shelf of my cupboard to get creative with nuts, seeds, fruit and almond milk.

Be it porridge, fruit salad, or cereal- count me in. But as the months get warmer and the university year is drawing closer to the end, I am finding less energy to think about what I’m going to have and less patience to wait ten minutes to cook something.

Do not fret though. All problems are solved. I have found love and comfort and ease in the incredibly underrated smoothie bowl each morning.

The bonus with this bowl of goodness is that no matter what you put in, it is rare for it to be horrible (or at least rare for it to be completely unsalvageable).

A friend of mine asked ‘What is a smoothie bowl?’ It’s a smoothie in a bowl but thicker and with some stuff on top. No one’s hiring me as a food critic any time soon, that’s for sure. But basically, that’s what it is.

Some favourite ingredients are bananas (frozen or raw), berries (frozen or raw), baby spinach, almond/coconut milk, coyo, acai, maca, and cacao powder, peanut butter, cinnamon, dates, and a go-to rescue, honey or maple syrup. On top I favour nuts and seeds, cacao nibs, cut up kiwi fruit or strawberries. If you’re feeling adventurous (and have a brain that helps you think ahead), I’d highly recommend making a chia pudding the night before and pouring the smoothie on top in the morning. Delicious, and super filling.

But don’t listen to me- throw in anything and everything you own into your old school blender or up-market nutribullet and go wild. Make something tasty and continue to nourish those sexy bodies of yours!

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