Things have been changing, but then again I guess they always are.

But for this little space to still be happily mine and to be as cared for as it should be- a brainstorm was needed. It has taken place.

What do I want to do? What do I want this to be? What makes me happy?

There were a whole range of questions and even more answers. I realised that I still stand by what Caitlin’s Collabs was to be, and I will work with others whenever I can. But this space- for me to attack it with as much gusto as I want to- needs to change.

It’s not you. It’s me.

            INK & WINEBOTTLES.

This in no way indicated what I’m doing on this blog, or a summary of my life, but rather two parts of my world that I find a lot of fun in- and this space is fun. For me, anyway.

So this little place here will have a bit of everything. Minimal structure or rules. Why should there be rules in places when there don't have to be? There'll be a lot of love, though. A lot more posts. More words, photos, confessions and dreams. And some collabs.

See you real soon.

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