An opportunity to give thanks to some of the people who've done things, said things and changed things in my life.

Thomas. For your love, kindness, honesty, patience, soothing words, music recommendations, beautiful face and even more beautiful soul. It is a blessing to watch you fall in love with this world. I can't wait for all the times in the future where my cheeks ache from smiling.

Dani. For being a walking quote book of encouragement and image of passion. The biggest inspiration in my life. Thank you for all the cups of tea and conversations. When we're 40 we'll be having Christmas breakfasts together and when we're 80 we'll be having cups of tea on front porches. Here's to all the ups and downs in between.

Tyson. For being so honest that I'd cry. I know how to love myself because of you.

Casey. You would laugh at my jokes and hold my hand when I was sad and would nod in reassurance across the dinner table. For ten months you showed me more love than your brother did. Three years later and you're still the kindest person I've met.

Cathy. Your smile says 'welcome home' with a batch of choc-chip cookies. You're an absolute dream. I can't thank you enough, or find enough words for you.

Mike. For being a best friend across the pond. For teaching me the importance of and commitment that comes with friendship. Our weekly (if lucky) messages about life have gone on for over a year since that fateful night in a Tasmanian backpackers, and there are always things to tell. New jobs, uni, pubs, moving houses, trumpet innuendoes and Mick Jagger. There's no one else I'd rather read messages from while still in bed in the early mornings. What a way to wake up. One day soon we'll have tinned peaches again.

Jerome. For growing individually but side-by-side, intellectual conversations, kind words, for polenta (and polento). For every day simplicity, challenges and gratitude. Not for for using tea bags twice.

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