The blood that runs between your legs is not a metaphor for shame. Take your blood-stained knickers and wave them in victory because you can reproduce. Celebrate it. Boys may turn in disgust, but pay them no mind because boys are denied this gift of creating and holding life. Bond with your sisters- be the leader of love, acceptance and positivity.

Do what you want in a dress. Play on the monkey-bars and hang upside down, sit cross-legged and run a marathon. If someone tells you to stop and to close your legs- tell them they're telling off the wrong person.

Hairs will come. Before you touch any- ask why you're picking up that razor. For yourself? Fantastic. For anyone else? Put it down, baby. Those blades stand for more than just a way to get rid of hair. It is a shoot to self-esteem and a win for society. Stand tall in your beliefs at age nine, fifteen, seventeen or twenty-three.

Love who you love. Don't put labels on things that should be free. And you are free. Fight for what you believe in. A God, no homework, recycling or pro-choice. March. Create signs. Volunteer. Write your name on pledges.

Saying 'no' doesn't make you a bitch, a girl who is playing hard to get or a frigid. 'No' means no, and never feel guilty for saying it.

You can change the world. Learn as much as you can. Be compassionate and kind and honest. And remember that you are never alone.

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