I scroll and I double-tap the photo before realising it’s the back of your head in the photo and it’s you who posted it and is it too late to unlike it? Will you still get the notification?

I decide to leave it – decide that I want you to know that I like the back of your head (I still like the rest of you too), despite the unspoken agreement we made not to ‘like’ each other’s photos or status updates or tweets.

And I mean, you look so cute and I wanted to like the shit out of that selfie you took last week and comment with like twenty heart eye emojis but then I remembered that agreement we agreed to (I don’t remember agreeing to it), so I keep scrolling and just tell my heart to just chill……

I’ve been staring at the photos I’m not allowed to like and staring at your number trying to figure out what happened and why you didn’t reply two months ago when I asked how you were.

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