These are some questions I've been sitting on for a little while, and right now seemed like the right time to put them out into the universe.

Spending time sitting with each question, and working through each question, then sitting with each answer is something I both dread and look forward to. But why should I dread my answers? They're my truth. I'm working toward being more vulnerable and learning not to be scared of what I might find within.

This little online workbook is as much for you as it is for me. Feel free to jump into it, or run from it.
  • What does it mean to love someone who may not be right for you, may not be healthy for you, may not provide positive energy? Someone who doesn't bring everything you want into a relationship?

  • What does it feel like to be in love? What makes you sure of it? What makes you want to commit?

  • What gives you closure? Why does it take a different amount of time to move on from/let go of each relationship?

  • If you know something isn't 'good', what makes you still want to try? How does it feel to deny your gut instinct? How do you feel when it (most of the time) doesn't work out, when your gut instinct told you it wouldn't?

  • What does the pull between your head and heart feel like when they tell you different things? How do you navigate that feeling? How do you make peace? How do you make decisions? Do you trust one more than the other? Why? Does one speak louder?

  • Are you stuck in any negative or unhealthy habits in regards to relationships and/or love?

  • What do you fear in love?

  • What do you love about love? 

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